International Planning Competition 2023 HTN Tracks

IPC 2023 HTN Tracks

International Planning Competition 2023 HTN Tracks

This is the website for the hierarchical (HTN) tracks of the IPC 2023. It is the 2nd IPC containing hierarchical tracks, after its first occurance in 2020.


Please forward the following calls to all interested parties.

Preliminary Schedule

Event Date
Call for domains October 12, 2022
Call for participation October, 2022
Domain expression of interest deadline December 31, 2022
Domain submission deadline February 28, 2023
Demo problems provided December, 2022
Initial planner submission January, 2023
Feature stop (final planner submission) May, 2023
Planner Abstract submission deadline May, 2023
Contest run June, 2023
Results announced July, 2023
Result analysis deadline August, 2023


There will be (up to, provided sufficient interesst) six tracks in IPC’s HTN track. These are:

The semantics of these tracks is explained in the following.



Agile Track

Satisficing Track

Optimal Track

HDDL Fragment

We will use the same input language as the previous HTN IPC 2020


Comming soon


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